Slade coffe table (swivel)

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Dimensions (cm): Ø 74 x 40 (H)
• Made of tempered glass laminate with import ceramic
• The table leg is made of powder coated metal
• The table tops can be turned on top of each other or used loosely (side by side)
• Assembly required



It is not recommended to place hot objects (e.g. coffee-, or tea cup) on the ceramic tabletop, as a sudden temperature change can cause damage, we recommend using a heat protection base. The table should be placed away from heaters and out of direct sunlight. Table mats are recommended to avoid stains and scratches. Use a soft and clean cloth to remove dust and light dirt, as liquids that get on the table do not soak into the ceramic and remain on the surface of the table, it may cause stains. Liquids should be cleaned from the table surface with an absorbent cloth. For cleaning, we recommend using a glass cleaner, for very stubborn stains, you can use an abrasive sponge.


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