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Ashley Jesolo recliner 3-seater sofa

Old Price: 955€


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Dimensions: 224 x 102 x 107 cm
Furnish your home with a luxurious and comfortable RELAX sofa.
An amazingly soft and stylish sofa that offers superior comfort and is highly durable due to its high-quality components.
Take an afternoon nap or watch your favourite TV programme in absolute comfort on RELAX sofa.
You can be sure that a RELAX sofa will leave all your guests who have tried it out feeling envious!

• The frame of the sofa is made of solid wood and plywood
• The seating is made with zig-zag suspension
• It is upholstered with sheet wadding-wrapped foam and covered with 100% polyester fabric
• A fully-finished back allows it to be placed free-standing in the centre of a room
• The opening mechanisms of the sofa are highly resilient and will continue to move smoothly even after long years of use

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