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The most important conversations are had at the dinner table, which is why your choice of table needs to be well made.

We offer a wide range of dining tables in different sizes and designs, plus matching chairs. You’ll also find coffee tables, desks and corner tables here.



Whether you live in a tiny apartment or a big house, you’re sure to find the right dressers, glass-doored cabinets and shelves from our wide range of products to turn your living room into a comfortable place to spend time in.

We’ve chosen high-quality, durable and beautifully designed series of furniture for you, the individual pieces in which can easily be combined with one another.

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Hallway Furniture



The bedroom is the most important space in your home, as you spend more time in it than in any other room.

We offer furniture worthy of being placed in the most important room in your home.

Choose a bed, mattress, dresser and everything else that will turn a bedroom into a cosy nest.



We all feel from time to time like things are taking over our lives, right?

Few people can bring themselves to throw old things away or donate them to charity when they buy new items. But in reality, it’s all about placement and organisation. If every piece of clothing and every ornament has its place, they can’t take over your life.

Have a look at our range of wardrobes and shelving and desk systems, all of which will help organise your home or office affordably and in style.


Lighting, clocks, pictures, hooks and much more – without which no interior decorating would be complete!

We also offer home decor pieces you never knew you needed!

Door knockers in interesting designs, magazine racks, model cars, tasteful mini-sculptures and more besides…

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